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Ulrike Rudolf, DVM

Chief of Staff

Veterinary medicine, surgery, dentistry, and nutrition counseling have improved the quality of life of countless animals and their human guardians. I am eternally grateful to be a part of this field as it grows in new medical scientific discoveries and returns to a deep-rooted compassion for animals.

After 15 years as a veterinarian, I can honestly say that my enjoyment of coming to work and treating my animal companions has increased significantly. Due to this connection with my field I continuously seek education to improve the quality of care I give to my patients. Over the years I have added animal chiropractic and animal acupuncture to my general veterinary knowledge with great results. Most of my practice consists of traditional Western medicine but on request, when current treatment is not enough, adding these modalities may help significantly keep your animal companion feeling their best.

Communication and calm, gentle treatment is of utmost importance at Pacific Heights Veterinary Clinic. Our goal for every appointment is for your pet to feel as comfortable as possible at our office and for you to go home satisfied with the information and care you and your pet have received.

My educational background spans the Midwest (University of Wisconsin, Madison – Undergraduate Bachelor of Science) to the South West (University of Arizona – Graduate School) to the Caribbean (Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine).

When I am not at Pacific Heights I am spending time with my two wonderful children and husband and pet menagerie of 2 dogs, 3 cats, a parrot, a guinea pig, and 7 chickens!. For personal time I love glass blowing and kayaking.

Dr. Ulrike Rudolf, DVM

Pacific Heights Veterinary Hospital